Sunday, October 24, 2010

Extreme Dogwalking!


Are you a celebrity? Is hiring someone to walk your adorable little puppy-kins just not enough? Then you need EXTREME PUPPY WALKER. YEAAAAAAAAA!

Why aren’t you in the brig?!


Oh God, what? As if it weren’t creepy enough hearing Saul Tigh speaking in a slow, calm voice without his Canadian accent, this glitch turns him into something out of Silent Hill. Can you keep a straight face? No. No you cannot.

Can’t…hold on..


A blog? Oh God, what was I thinking?! Oh well. I guess I’ll just use this as a place for posting some of the gazillion pics saved on my hard drive. I’ve been watching old cartoons and other TV shows with friends online for the past 2+ years, which has made me find some gems I’d never heard of (Bravestarr) and realize just how much the shows I liked as a kid don’t stand up to the test of time (TMNT, Captain Planet, Are You Afraid of the Dark). So, I hope you enjoy some of the stuff you’ll see here.